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Wine Importer

Ship in the best wines from abroad to distribute locally.

What does a Wine Importer do?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.” Truly great wine is a precious commodity, and to a Wine Importer, it’s an even more vital item to quest after than new stars in the sky.

When you’re a Wine Importer, your pursuit begins in distant wine countries across the sea. Vintners in France, Portugal, and Italy grow and pick the finest grapes, and turn them into rich vintages. During your travels, you seek out the best wineries in the countryside, and visit each one to have a few sips from their finest bottles.

Using your refined palate, you can sense the most flavorful and masterfully made wines. These are the ones you choose to import back home to make fashionable in the States.

How your home country perceives imported wine rests with you. If you make a mistake by collecting and delivering a watery purchase, then a whole slew of people might believe that all Chinese wine is bland, or all New Zealand vintages are stale. Like a Fashion Editor of a magazine, a Wine Importer influences the next trend in wine culture. The distributor that you deliver your finds to trusts that you have a smart and chic understanding of what makes a Merlot or Chardonnay alright, and what makes it fantastic.

Each year presents a new challenge as you take to the globe once again to hunt down the perfect glass. Your second most useful tool, besides your trusty palate, is your ability to network. The holy grail of wines may be hidden in a secluded French valley, just waiting for you to take the treasure home. You just have to know whom to ask and where to look.