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Wine Club Manager

Keep wine club members happy while increasing profits for wineries.

What does a Wine Club Manager do?

Wine clubs exist to connect wineries and wholesalers with their primary market: wine aficionados. Customers pay a set fee and then, once a month, get a box of different wines. These wines can be a new blend or grape the winery is trying out, a collection of customer favorites, or a combination of the two. Because of these wine clubs, wineries get a constant stream of income, and wine lovers get to try out new wines without having to spend hours in store aisles.

A Wine Club Manager oversees the happenings of a company’s wine club. Wine Club Managers find customers, maintain good relations with them, figure out what wine will be offered each month, and connect with vendors to make sure the goods are delivered on time.

The job of Wine Club Manager is a combination of customer service and sales. You might be employed by an individual winery and sell only their wines, or you might work with an organization offering a variety of wines. Like any Salesperson, you have to hit your numbers. In this case, that’s the number of people who sign up and stay with the club.

You do a lot of marketing (like emailing flyers or holding promotions), and attend conferences or throw events to get your club’s name out there. You might do themed boxes of wine (all reds!), or send detailed information that lets customers know about the wine’s history or what foods they should pair with it.