Window Repairer

Replace broken window panes and repair worn locks, screens, and hinges.

What does a Window Repairer do?

Windows are designed to do four basic things: slide open, slide closed, lock securely, and keep the elements out. When a window is no longer able to do one or more of these basic functions, a Window Repairer is called in to save the day.

Window Repairers generally work for window manufacturing companies. When you’re called in as a Window Repairer, the home office may have already approved the job under the owner’s warranty. In these cases, you do the repairs the home office has approved.

Otherwise, you survey the window’s problems. You make sure it opens and closes easily and smoothly, the panes aren’t cracked or leaking, and the screen is firmly attached to it. You also test the locks as well as the installation for water leaks. You then provide the owner with a cost estimate.

If the estimate is approved, you begin work, replacing any malfunctioning parts you find. You may have to cut new windowpanes as part of your work. In extreme cases, you may have to take out the old window and put a new one in. You also talk to the owner about how to maintain the window so problems don’t recur.

Windows can be quite heavy, so you must be physically fit and able to stand on your feet all day. You must perform your work without grunting or groaning, so the homeowner doesn’t become alarmed and call an ambulance to help you.