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Window Installer

Transport and install windows and windshields.

What does a Window Installer do?

As a Window Installer, you take new windows and place them in house or car frames. If you’re a Window Installer for homes, you most likely work for a construction company or a Carpenter. If you do window installations or repairs on vehicles, on the other hand, you’re most likely employed by an auto manufacturer or auto repair shop.

As a Window Installer at a construction site, you may also find work installing doors. You use hand tools and power tools to do your tasks, taking extensive safety precautions with everything you do because your job has the added risk of injury from broken glass shards. You should be strong enough to lift the windows on your own and fit them into place, and you should know how to measure multiple times before installing them. There will, however, be times when you’ll have the luxury of having a construction partner helping out with the fittings.

You use different types of glass depending on the job you’re doing, whether it’s a residential home, a business, or a vehicle. For example, you may use bulletproof glass; storm-proof windows; extra large, floor-to-ceiling windows, etc. You may also have to install windows high up in a building, so you shouldn’t be afraid of heights. Neither should you be scared of extreme weather conditions, which you’ll face from time to time in this line of work.

Needless to say, broken glass (and injuries that result from it) comes with the territory. We know you didn’t break it of course, but in this job, you always replace it.