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Window Dresser

Design and arrange merchandise displays in store windows.

What does a Window Dresser do?

Window Dressers create visual displays in the windows and interiors of retail stores. The goal of a Window Dresser is to make people who walk by aware of a brand and ideally convert them into customers. If you’ve ever walked along 5th Avenue in New York City, you can’t help but notice how effective this is as an advertising and branding strategy.

As a Window Dresser, you display your clothing, build elaborate holiday themes, and generally make your store look visually appealing. Your day could include clothing the window mannequins, being briefed on your next color scheme and thematic direction, or deconstructing the fake snow and cardboard platforms that staged your last display. The amount of creative freedom you have is determined by your employer, but you usually work with a Visual Merchandiser, who oversees and coordinates the display exhibits in all parts of the store.

Although this is not a life-long career, it is a great start for someone with Fashion Designer aspirations. In fact the displays you create are given enough weight that many stores forbid anyone except the Window Dresser from touching the mannequins.