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Winding Machine Operator

Tend machines that wind wire around rotating steel cylinders.

What does a Winding Machine Operator do?

Tends electrically powered machine that winds wire, under tension, around rotating steel cylinders to form reinforced cores for concrete pipe: Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to position cylinders between chucks of machine. Pulls levers to engage and secure cylinder in chucks. Signals WELDER, ARC 810.384-010 to weld end of wire to cylinder. Starts machine to wind wire on cylinder when signaled by TENSIONING-MACHINE OPERATOR 616.665-010. Signals WELDER, ARC to weld ends of wire to cylinder. Pushes levers to release from cylinder chucks, and signals INDUSTRIAL-TRUCK OPERATOR 921.683-050 to remove cylinder from machine.