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Winding Inspector and Tester

Perform tasks to inspect and test stators, armatures, or rotors.

What does a Winding Inspector and Tester do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to inspect and test stators, armatures, or rotors wound with prewound coils, using electrical testing equipment: Tests armatures, rotors, or stators for misconnected leads and insulation breakdown, using oscilloscope or test panel. Determines test hook-up from work ticket and connects coded stator leads to test clips. Turns dials to select specified voltage and current. Closes circuit and observes meter reading or oscillograph pattern. Interprets readings and patterns and records data. Touches one lead from high voltage source to stator or armature core and other lead to each coil lead in stator or armature. Watches for spark which indicates grounded circuit. Places spring steel blade of growler against inside face of stator or drum of armature and rotates over circumference. Observes steel blade for vibration which indicates shorted coils. Inspects lead and end windings for mechanical damage and conformance to specifications, using gauge, rule, or template to measure length and shape. Taps steel die to stamp code on core, using hammer. May inspect alignment of stacked commutators. May bunch and wrap stator leads to protect them until further assembly. May be designated according to item tested and inspected as Armature Tester III; Inspector And Shaper, End Windings; Stator Tester.