Tend machines that wind thread, yarn, or rubber strands.

What does a Winder do?

Tends machine or series of machines that wind thread, yarn, or rubber strands around spherical molded cores to produce items, such as golf balls, baseballs, and softballs: Positions core in winding machine. Starts machine that winds core to specified size. Removes wound ball, breaks winding material, and ties loose end. Verifies size of ball with preset gauge or tape measure. Weighs baseballs and softballs on scale or verifies compression of golf balls on testing machine to ascertain that winding material in machine is adjusted to specified tension. Turns nut or setscrews of tension springs to adjust tension. Removes empty spools and rethreads machine. May be designated according to article wound as Baseball Winder; Golf-Ball Winder; Softball Winder.