Winder Operator

Tend winding machines that roll lengths of floor coverings.

What does a Winder Operator do?

Tends winding machine that rolls lengths of floor covering between various stages of processing, working as member of crew: Removes spindle from dolly and positions spindle in winding machine, using power hoist. Pulls end of floor covering sheet through winder and secures sheet to empty spindle, using tape. Starts machine, and regulates speed of winder to maintain even winding. Adjusts tension rolls on machine and sets yardage counter, using handtools. Examines material for pinholes, using magnifying glass. Stops machine when splices reach winder, indicating end of roll. Tears or cuts spliced section, tapes end of sheet to prevent unwinding, and removes full spindle of floor covering from machine. Records locations of pinholes and other imperfections on card and attaches card to full spindle. May stop machine during winding and cut out designated defective sections of floor covering.