Winder Helper

Perform tasks in papermaking.

What does a Winder Helper do?

Performs any combination of following tasks in papermaking: Places cardboard roll core on steel shaft, and positions shaft on winding reel, using hoist. Threads paper through drier and calender rolls, and wraps end around roll core. Observes paper winding on roll, and flags defects with colored chalk mark or by inserting paper strip in roll. Lifts full rolls from winding reel onto dolly, using hoist, and pushes them to finishing area. Turns valves to spray steam, air, and water on paper in preparation for calendering. Pulls broke from drier and calender rolls. Cleans calender rolls, using hand scraper, solvent, and rags. Turns handwheel to adjust tension on paper. Assists MACHINE-CLOTHING REPLACER 629.361-010 in changing papermaking machine clothing, such as wire-mesh belts and wet and dry felts. Oils and greases machine. Cleans wire-mesh belt, wet felt, and machine frame, using water hose, airhose, soap, brushes, and rags. May inflate shaft designed to grip inside of roll core and prevent slipping of paper while winding. May push rolls of paper into position on scales for weighing and mark rolls of paper for shipment, using stencil and stencil brush.