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Wind Turbine Technician

Inspect and maintain the working parts of huge wind generators.

What does a Wind Turbine Technician do?

A stiff breeze can do more than cool you off on a hot day. It can turn the propellers on a wind turbine and generate electricity for an entire community. A Wind Turbine Technician spends each day making sure those wind turbines are functioning properly to capture the wind as it passes by.

As a Wind Turbine Technician, you work for a wind farm. You put together a schedule for your farm, detailing when each turbine should be inspected. You’re able to look at two to three turbines a day, and during these inspections, you check the wires inside to make sure they’re sound, replace worn gears, lubricate existing machinery, and run tests to make sure the turbine’s computer programming is working properly.

If a turbine breaks down, you find the problem and fix it quickly. You may need to call the turbine’s manufacturer for assistance.

You may also work as a Wind Turbine Technician for a large company on a rotating basis. You spend several days or weeks away from home, traveling to windswept locations and inspecting the turbines there. You talk to the staff on the site about the turbines, and find out which ones aren’t functioning properly. Then you test the electrical system and the hydraulic system, and replace worn or broken parts.

Wind turbines are incredibly tall, so you spend much of your workday on a crane or large ladder. You’ll remember to look straight ahead rather than down so you don’t develop vertigo. And you’ll try to schedule work in the early morning so you’ll see the spectacular sunrise from your high perch.