Wind Tunnel Mechanic

Program and install the components that keep aircrafts in the air.

What does a Wind Tunnel Mechanic do?

How does wind keep planes in the air? The person responsible for answering this question and understanding the physics of flight is a Wind Tunnel Mechanic. As a Physicist and Engineer, a Wind Tunnel Mechanic operates, programs, and installs complicated computer and electronic equipment that keeps aircraft and space shuttles in the air.

If airplanes and flight have always struck a chord in your imagination, a career as a Wind Tunnel Mechanic could be a good fit. You spend your time calculating and engineering how airplanes, helicopters, and other man-made objects could stay aloft. As an experimenter, your specialty is constructing newer and safer ways of flying. Your day-to-day work includes designing improved wings for planes, with the proper resistance to wind to ensure that the plane stays in the air, and maintaining flight equipment.

As an expert, you know that wind is a powerful force, and you study how to manipulate and utilize this force. This knowledge and training allows you to work in several capacities as both a professional and a researcher. Companies like Boeing hire you to inspect their planes and maintain their equipment. Whether in a lab experimenting or in the field testing products, you’re entrenched in the physics and science of flight.