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Wind-Generating-Electric-Power Installer

Assemble, install, and maintain electrical and mechanical parts.

What does a Wind-Generating-Electric-Power Installer do?

Assembles, installs, and maintains electrical and mechanical parts, such as alternators, generators, and rotors of electric power generating windmills, according to production specifications, using tools and equipment: Assembles and adjusts alternator components according to production specifications, using handtools, drill presses, grinders, and micrometers. Welds steel supports to alternator for mounting on windmill tower, using welding equipment. Crates alternator for shipment to installation site. Attaches cables to alternator and pulls lever to activate truck-mounted hoist to position alternator on windmill tower. Secures alternator to tower structure, using bolts and wrenches. Attaches electric cables, windmill motor, and rotor to alternator, according to schematic, using handtools. Replaces bent or defective parts of windmill and lubricates machinery to service equipment, using handtools, oilcan, and grease gun.