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Wind Farm Site Manager

Monitor and maintain a wind farm to ensure maximum production.

What does a Wind Farm Site Manager do?

A Wind Farm Site Manager supervises the construction and maintenance of a wind farm. A wind farm is a plot of land, which houses huge turbines and generators that crank wind into energy. That energy then hits the grid and is sent off to schools and households.

When the project begins, you – the Wind Farm Site Manager – meet with Wind Technicians and the Wind Development Manager to obtain a full understanding of the design. Topography and geography cause one farm to be set up different from the next. The Wind Development Manager consults with the Wind Analyst about the most effective way to lay out the turbines. With this information, you order supplies, schedule deliveries, and oversee the installation process.

As the Wind Farm Site Manager, you are on-site and in charge of all activities. Like any other construction project, you can expect things to waver from the plan. When the truck delivering parts is stuck in the field, you handle it. If a worker’s strike delays production and delivery, you find another supplier. Your job is to be aware of all project phases and ensure they are done correctly, on time, and within budget.

Once the project is complete, you monitor testing and constantly evaluate the output to ensure greatest production. You handle invoices, deal with neighbors, and complete reports. In addition to procedural tasks, you also hire, fire, train, and evaluate employees. A passion for the environment will be heavily rewarded in this position, as you contribute to the production of a clean energy source.