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Wind Development Director

Coordinate all aspects of getting a wind farm up and running.

What does a Wind Development Director do?

A Wind Development Director supervises the entire process of starting new wind energy installations. Wind Development Directors hire site Surveyors and Wind Turbine Installers; develop relationships with equipment providers; oversee real estate deals; and make sure that all local, state, and federal regulations are being followed.

Alternative energy systems like wind power are new and, therefore, the laws, regulations, and licensing requirements surrounding them are in flux and still being established. It’s your responsibility as Wind Development Director to stay ahead of the curve in these issues through constant education, industry expos, and meetings.

Every assignment is different. Sometimes, you’ll be working with a situation where all the groundwork is laid out already: good site, experienced Engineers and Installers, and parts ready to go in the ground. Other times, the whole job will be on your plate: You’ll need to find a workable area with reliable wind, get a site survey and energy output calculations done and confirmed, and then connect with an Installer and equipment provider who will do the work. Depending on your energy company, some or all of these industry connections could be provided for you, or you might need to rely on your charm and personality to cultivate those relationships on your own.

Like most Supervisors, Wind Development Directors work 40 or more hours per week. Expect lots of meetings-both in the office and in the field-and time spent on the phone, on your computer, and on the road. It’s a challenging lifestyle that requires a lot of flexibility and a dynamic mind if you want to excel.