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Wildlife Ecology Professor

Teach university students about wildlife ecology.

What does a Wildlife Ecology Professor do?

Wildlife ecology is concerned with helping animal populations thrive in their environment. It’s the study of how modern industrial activity, rising populations, urban sprawl, and forest management all impact animals. If you have a passion for this field, and if you’re interested in helping to conserve animal populations, then you might want to consider a job as a Wildlife Ecology Professor.

Professor? You might think a teaching job is not an effective way to improve ecological systems, but being a Wildlife Ecology Professor is much more than teaching. In fact, most Professors are required to teach less than 50 percent of the time so that they can focus on research. Research is an important way for colleges and universities to get money. The more studies that draw attention to the school, the better.

As a Wildlife Ecology Professor, you spend most of your time organizing research, and mentoring your graduate and undergraduate students. You teach your Research Aides how to properly collect data, analyze results, and develop good research techniques. You also apply for grants and outline research goals.

When you’re not contributing to the field of science through research, you share your knowledge with the next generation of Ecologists. You teach courses that discuss animal-human interaction, ways to help endangered species, and the impact of society on animal habitat. And, ahem, in all your spare time, you assign and grade papers, attend committee meetings pertaining to the department, hold office hours, and catch a few zzzs on the couch in your office.