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Wilderness Guide

Take campers on journeys into the wilderness.

What does a Wilderness Guide do?

You don’t need a mountain-man beard, a plaid shirt, or a lumberjack axe to be a Wilderness Guide; all that’s required is a keen sense of adventure and a knack for survival. When the going gets tough, you must know how to shepherd a group through the dangers of the backcountry.

When a client needs to get through difficult terrain, or maybe a few adventurous campers want an alternative holiday break, you strap on your hiking boots, grab your hunting knife, and lead the way into the wilderness. A Wilderness Guide is no ordinary Park Ranger. No matter what you come across, you know how to combat it.

Hunger? No problem; you can spear a fish in a few seconds flat. Wild Animals? You know how to avoid them, track them, and if need be, hunt them for supper. Shelter? In the blink of an eye, you can fashion a lean-to that’ll keep a torrential downpour off your back.

It’s not always enough to be able to carve fishing hooks and light a fire from scratch, though. Your clients are looking for someone to coach them in the survival skills of a Wilderness Guide as well. Like a Teacher, you pass on your knowledge to the group so eagerly following you. And the more personality, spunk, and energy you have, the more your clients will grow to like you, and eventually trust you.

As long as nature is kind, then you’ll reach your destination with all of your clients’ wits and limbs attached. But if it isn’t, you’re trained enough to deal with a crisis or emergency. It may have been a fun journey, or it may have been one full of hardships, but what makes you different is that without a second thought, you’re ready to go back into the wild and do it all again.