Wig Dresser

Style wigs for a variety of people and events.

What does a Wig Dresser do?

A Wig Dresser, a master of disguises, has the ability to change the look of any person, and does it by having them don a faux head of hair. A Wig Dresser is like a Stylist for wigs, managing their appearance and cleanliness.

Wigs are often used in theatrical shows, and it is your job as a Wig Dresser to make sure that everyone has the right tresses for the right part. When working on stage performances, you’re responsible for procuring the wigs needed to make the Actors fit in with the overall visual scheme created by the head Costume Designer. In a tight spot, you even modify wigs by cutting or styling them to fit the needs of the day.

Alternatively, you might work for a wig shop, styling display wigs or tailoring pieces to the specific needs of clients. In this capacity, you’re a custom Hairdresser, giving patrons the hair of their dreams (despite any limitations they may have on natural hair growth).