Wholesaler I

Manage establishments engaged in wholesaling merchandise.

What does a Wholesaler I do?

Manages establishment engaged in purchasing, wholesaling, and distributing merchandise, such as furniture and home furnishings, construction materials and supplies, metals and minerals, electrical goods, drugs and drug proprietaries, groceries and foodstuffs, and professional equipment and supplies to retailers, industrial and commercial consumers, or professional personnel: Estimates stock requirements based on sales orders, inventory, projected volume of sales, and current condition of economy. Authorizes purchase of merchandise based on estimates. Directs assembly of and storing of merchandise by workers, filling of orders, and distribution to customers according to sales orders. Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in wholesaling merchandise and extending credit to purchasers. Advises customers concerning current and future market conditions and availability of merchandise. Workers are classified according to type of merchandise, product, or material wholesaled and distributed.