Wholesale Buyer

Buy huge amounts of products directly from manufacturers.

What does a Wholesale Buyer do?

Wholesale Buyers make the world go round-well, at least the world of product pushing. After all, manufacturers commonly don’t sell directly to the public. There’s a process for these things.

That’s where Wholesale Buyers come in. They make it easy for the manufacturer because they swoop in, negotiate a price, and take large quantities of merchandise out the door.

As a Wholesale Buyer, you’re in charge of making sure the right products are bought at the right price and delivered to the right location. Easy peasy, right? For you it is, because you know the game, have the contacts, and bring high expectations to the table.

In a way, you’re doing the product manufacturer a favor. Tackling the marketing, advertising, and transportation costs involved in selling directly to the customer is expensive and time consuming for them. So you lap it up and deliver it to wholesalers. At that point, Retail Buyers purchase smaller quantities of the merchandise and move it into inventory at the retail level.

In exchange for taking bulk amounts of product off their hands, manufacturers are willing to negotiate a better price with you. A little further down the retail chain, items get more expensive, so you consider the potential profit for your company.

A job as a Wholesale Buyer commonly requires a frequent flyer card. You might cover ground regionally, but national and even international travel are part of your quest to locate the best merchandise around the world.