Whiskey Ambassador

Charm retailers into carrying your spirits.

What does a Whiskey Ambassador do?

A Whiskey Ambassador is a smooth talker who specializes in promoting hard-hitting liquor. The job of a Whiskey Ambassador is to serve as the public face of a whiskey brand.

What’s an average day like?

Frequent travel for tasting events across the country is par for the course. While there, your duty as a Whiskey Ambassador is to convince consumers, Bar Owners, and distributors that your scotch is superior to all others. You schmooze to sell booze.

Knowing the ins and outs of the whiskey business is a major advantage, and so is being able to talk shop with the best of them. First and foremost, you’re a whiskey scholar. You use your expertise to help others learn to savor and appreciate your product.

Some Ambassadors make the whiskey themselves. Others get paid to pour drinks and look good. For the less aesthetically gifted, the job entails a variety of communication and public relations work.

During tastings, you’re a social butterfly. One minute, you chat with a whiskey enthusiast one-on-one and the next you’re making group presentations to tell the story of your whiskey and its heritage. Either way, you find strategic ways to engage your guests as they sample your products.

Why does this job matter?

This job is not for the faint of heart: you spend up to nine months each year traveling and promoting your whiskey brand to Business Owners and consumers. While life on the road isn’t always fun, getting paid to socialize over drinks certainly can be! Remember, without you, your brand’s whiskey might remain undiscovered forever.