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Whipped Topping Finisher

Operate equipment to process ingredients into whipped toppings.

What does a Whipped Topping Finisher do?

Operates equipment to process ingredients, such as oil, emulsifier, stabilizer, liquid sugar, and flavorings into whipped topping: Turns valves and starts pump to transfer mixed batch through equipment, such as blending tank, versator, pasteurizer, homogenizer, and colloid mill and into storage tank. Adjusts colloid mill to reduce liquid particles to specified emulsion size. Observes gauges and adjusts valves to control temperature and pressure when pasteurizing, homogenizing, and cooling product. Observes gauge on storage tank to ensure maintenance of specified stock level. Turns valve to blanket product with carbon dioxide to prevent contamination. Cleans equipment, using water, solvents, and brushes.