Wheel Truing Machine Tender

Tend truing machines which align spoke-wheels.

What does a Wheel Truing Machine Tender do?

Tends truing machine which aligns spoke-wheels: Places loosely laced wheel onto rotating bed of machine. Presses buttons to lower ram which clamps wheel into position. Turns knob which rotates turntable to align spoke nipple screws on wheel with advanceable power screwdrivers. Presses button to bring screwdrivers into contact with screw and tighten them. Pushes lever to progressively rotate worktable to align screws with screwdrivers. Removes wheel from machine and mounts on mandrel; places point of dial indicator against rim. Spins wheel and reads dial to ascertain points of diameter and circumference imbalance. Turns spoke nipples with wrench where required to true-up wheel.