Wheel Alignment Technician

Replace, repair, rotate, and balance tires.

What does a Wheel Alignment Technician do?

A Wheel Alignment Technician performs wheel alignments and various related adjustments on vehicles. The primary duty of Wheel Alignment Technicians is to help out customers with repairs and fittings, but they’re also responsible for promoting the business they work for-for example, by recommending other services, new tires, etc. You can work as a Wheel Alignment Technician for a manufacturer, dealer, service center, or you can even be self-employed. In any case, you’ll likely be part of a team of Technicians of varying specialties, working together to get the job done.

Your biggest task is the actual wheel alignments, which you perform using the alignment computer. You begin by checking the current state of the vehicle, and then you make slight adjustments until you achieve balance. This allows for better handling of the vehicle out on the road. You may also be required to drive vehicles onto the lift, change tires, repair tire punctures, and test-drive vehicles to ensure that the problems have been fixed.

There are jobs for you to do outside the workshop and inside the tire store as well. For example, you may be asked to stock shelves, prepare invoices, help customers with their questions, and answer phone calls. If your skills are varied and advanced, you may also perform maintenance on the machinery and equipment, or do underbody work (but only if you’re certified for that job). Staying fit is important, as is continually being aware of safety practices.