Whale Trainer

Motivate whales to do amazing tricks.

What does a Whale Trainer do?

They’re some of the largest animals on the planet, but whales can be trained to perform amazing feats, entertain crowds, and work closely with humans. While it’s not exactly like training a puppy, Whale Trainers know how to reward and motivate their marine friends. With practice and reinforcement, they can have the frolicking mammals performing aerial acrobats and giving whaleback rides.

Does that sound like the job for you? If so, then brush up on your swimming skills. After all, as a Whale Trainer, you spend a good chunk of your time in the water. In fact, unless you’re training from land or running after their dinner, you’re always in direct contact with your whale friends.

Training any wild animal is a challenge, but whales have the added obstacles of size and location. It’s not like they fit in a swimming pool. That means you should be willing to relocate for the job. SeaWorld is known across the globe for its performing whales, but there are other facilities that train whales for live audiences and work in movies.

All your knowledge and hard work becomes apparent when it’s time to put on a show. This is when you and the whales shine. During the performance, you direct the whale to jump, flip, and spray onlookers with water. At the same time, you educate the audience about whales.

As a Whale Trainer, you develop a relationship with these amazing creatures. You may even understand them better than any other human, allowing you to identify illness and understand personality.