Wet Pour Mixer

Operate rotary type machines to mix concrete and fill metal molds.

What does a Wet Pour Mixer do?

Operates rotary type machine to mix concrete and fills metal molds to make pipe and other concrete products: Pulls trip bar and lever on overhead chutes to fill suspended weighing hoppers and cart with specified weights of sand, gravel, and cement. Pushes cart of cement to mixing machine and tilts cart by hand to dump cement into machine. Turns valve to admit specified quantity of water. Fills mold with sample batch of concrete. Lifts mold from sample and compares diameter of sample with diameter of mold to determine whether consistency of concrete conforms with specifications. Adjusts mixture by adding water, cement, sand, or gravel. Bolts pneumatic vibrator to mold, using hand wrench. Pulls lever to open mixer chute and fill pouring bucket. Positions bucket over mold, using overhead hoist and pulls trip bar to fill mold. Starts vibrator to settle concrete. Pushes concrete remaining on core cover into mold, using hoe. Levels off top of fresh casting, using trowel. Records each batch of concrete produced.