Wet-End Operator II

Tend low pressure kettles and auxiliary equipment.

What does a Wet-End Operator II do?

Tends low pressure kettle and auxiliary equipment to coagulate latex particles in thiokol latex suspension: Opens valves and pumps specified amount of latex suspension and water into kettle. Starts agitator and turns steam valve to heat solution to specified temperature. Turns valve to admit acid into solution. Observes processing of solution and coagulation of latex suspension into uniform crumb size. Examines sample to determine clarity of water and turns valves to stop flow of acid into solution. Determines pH of batch, using test papers. Adds alkali to batch to neutralize acid content. Opens outlet valve to transfer suspension to filter or shaker screen for separation of crumb from liquid. May open water valve to cool solution in kettle prior to transfer. May tend auxiliary equipment to dewater crumbs. May record data from operations in log.