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Wet End Helper

Tend wet end of machines that cut and paint wallboards.

What does a Wet End Helper do?

Tends wet end of machine that cuts and paints wallboard, as directed by FOURDRINIER-MACHINE OPERATOR: Turns valve to regulate flow of paint onto wet board. Turns handwheel to adjust cutters. Guides end of wet-board mat from pressure rolls onto tipple rolls at start of each new run. Observes wet-board panels and pulls lever to drop defective boards into recovery box. Sharpens and cleans cutter as it rotates. Removes and replaces screens and pressure rolls, using hoist and handtools. May weigh sample of wet board, dry sample in electric retort, and compute moisture loss and estimated density, using standard conversion tables or slide rule. May measure thickness of board, using calipers. May record production data in logbook.