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Well Puller

Control power hoisting equipment to pull casing, tubing, and pumping rods.

What does a Well Puller do?

Controls power hoisting equipment to pull casing, tubing, and pumping rods from oil and gas wells for repair and to lower repaired equipment, testing devices, and servicing tools into well: Attaches cable clamp to top of pump rod or casing and starts winch or hydraulic jack that raises rod or casing. Disconnects sections of rod or casing, using hand and power wrenches and tongs. Runs packer into well to control flow of oil, water, or gas during well-pulling operations. Lowers swabber into well to clear mud from screens at bottom of well and to establish flow of oil. Lowers pressure-recording device into well and interprets charts. Lowers special tools into well to fish for broken rods and tubing and to scrape paraffin and incrustations from casing or tubing. Plugs well with cement [CEMENTER, OIL WELL]. Tests pipe for leaks, using hydraulic-testing equipment. May drive truck equipped with portable hoisting equipment. May be designated according to type of equipment used as Hydraulic Oil-Tool Operator.