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Well Engineer

Build structures for drilling oil or gas.

What does a Well Engineer do?

Well Engineers design, build, and maintain different types of wells all over the world. You can work anywhere from Brazil, searching for natural gas reserves, to the North Sea, drilling oil offshore. Well Engineers go anywhere wells are built or maintained.

The biggest responsibility of your job as a Well Engineer is design. You take into account the purpose of the well, and its location, to help you decide how to best create what your company needs. For example, digging in the Oman desert is totally different from creating a deep well off the coast of Canada.

Design isn’t your only responsibility though. You also prepare any necessary documents for legal or government purposes, you keep an eye on budget restrictions, and you ensure the safety of everyone involved in the production of the well. Add to this the status reports you periodically produce to keep company owners updated on progress, as well as end-of-the-production reports detailing the lessons learned, and you’ll realize you need more than the ability to draw technical designs.

Good communication skills are necessary since you’ll be working with a team of multiple members, from Geoscientists to Oil Rig Workers. Moreover, not only is your team composed of diverse personalities, but often you’ll find yourself working in extreme environments. You’ll very rarely find yourself working in an office. Rather, you’ll often be in the middle of the desert or ocean, working on an oil rig with two weeks on and two weeks off.