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Welding Systems and Equipment Repairer

Program, maintain, and repair production welding systems and equipment.

What does a Welding Systems and Equipment Repairer do?

Programs, maintains, and repairs production welding systems and equipment, using handtools, power tools, and test instruments, applying knowledge of welding technology and equipment operation, and following blueprints, specifications, and manufacturers’ manuals: Analyzes welding diagrams, blueprints, templates, or other specifications and inspects components to be welded to determine weld program requirements for production welding robots. Presses buttons on teach pendant to program travel speeds and positions of robot arm, applying knowledge of robot programming. Presses buttons on weld controller to program amperage, pressure, and dwell time of welding gun attached to robot arm, following specifications and applying knowledge of welding technology. Presses buttons on programmable controller to coordinate and sequence operations of robots with production line. Inspects welded components and tests strength of welds to verify accuracy of programming, using hammer and applying knowledge gained from experience. Modifies weld program to bring weld quality up to specified standards, using teach pendant and weld controller. Observes and listens to operating robots to detect abnormal movements or sounds. Observes diagnostic lights or codes on video display monitors of programmable controller, robot controller, and weld controller to determine nature of malfunction, applying knowledge of diagnostic code and using manufacturers’ manuals. Tests electrical and electronic components and circuits of system to determine source of malfunction, using test instruments such as oscilloscopes and voltmeters. Visually inspects printed circuit boards for defects, such as loose or broken pin connections. Replaces defective controller components, such as printed circuit boards, control units, and fuses. Repairs or replaces other system components [REPAIRER, WELDING EQUIPMENT 626.384-010]. May perform preventive maintenance, such as lubricating parts, changing oil filters, and replenishing fluid levels. May install, set up, adjust, and maintain production welding and brazing machinery, equipment, and devices, such as MIG brazers, press welders, fixtures, shuttles, and safety devices. May rebuild defective parts, such as pressure switches and hydraulic valves. May repair electrical components, such as teach pendants, timers, and control units.