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Welding Supervisor

Supervise the workers in welding and cutting of products and structures.

What does a Welding Supervisor do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in welding and cutting of products and structures, such as auto, aircraft, and ship components, pipes, boilers, and mobile homes, applying knowledge of welding and cutting techniques, materials, and equipment, and fabrication requirements: Analyzes work orders and blueprints to determine need for supplies and sequence of operations required. Requisitions supplies, such as weld rods, gas, flux, and fixtures. Inspects work or confers with WELD INSPECTOR I 819.281-018 and WELD INSPECTOR II 819.687-010 to maintain specified standards and quality. Trains workers in operation of equipment. May set up machines or make trial welds to make test runs and experimental products. May supervise brazing and soldering operations. May supervise fitting and assembly of structural frames. May supervise workers engaged in making tubing from flat steel strips by electric-weld process and be designated Welding Supervisor, Electric-Weld Pipe Mill. Important variations include location of workers supervised, such as in-plant, job-shop, construction site, or shipyard. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.