Welding Rod Coater

Control a variety of machines to mix, dip, grind, and bake flux.

What does a Welding Rod Coater do?

Controls variety of machines to mix, dip, grind, and bake flux onto electric welding rods: Operates bandsaw to cut welding rod stock to specified length. Pours flux ingredients into mixing machine and starts machine. Measures specific gravity of flux mixture, using hydrometer. Pours flux into hydraulic dipping machine. Places rods in dip holding rack and turns end bolt to secure rods, using wrench. Slides rack into dipping machine and adjusts temperature and humidity gauges, according to work order specifications. Removes and places dipped rods on drying rack to dry. Operates grinding machine to remove excess flux from coated rod tips. Bakes coated rods in drying oven for specified period of time. Operates marking machine to print identification code on rods as specified. Cleans equipment, using water hose and scraper.