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Welding-Machine Tender

Tend welding, brazing, or soldering equipment that join metal components.

What does a Welding-Machine Tender do?

Tends welding, brazing, or soldering equipment that joins metal components of products, such as auto, aircraft, and jewelry parts, brackets, panels, housings, and electric circuit boards: Lifts metal parts and loads in welding, brazing, or soldering machine. Moves lever to lock parts in position. Presses foot controls or pushes buttons to start machine which automatically welds, brazes, or solders, and unloads parts onto conveyor. Observes operation of machine to detect malfunctioning, and reports malfunctions to MACHINE SETTER 616.360-022 or supervisor. Inspects joined components for defects. May unload parts from machine and place on conveyor. May clean metal parts, using wire brush. May tend machine that solders tin can bodies and be designated Side-Seam Tender. May tend machine that welds ends of wire together to form continuous coil and be designated Wire-Drawing-Machine Tender. May be designated Spot Welder. Variations are based on type of machine tended, such as resistance-welding machine, cold-welding machine, soldering/brazing machine, diffusion-welding machine, or laser-beam machine.