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Welding Instructor

Give lessons on welding techniques.

What does a Welding Instructor do?

Do you like metal, sparks, basic math, and teaching? If that combination doesn’t sound weird or overly specific to you at all, then you should consider becoming a Welding Instructor.

A Welding Instructor teaches students how to apply heat to two or more pieces of metal to fuse them together. You may work as a Welding Instructor at the high school level or at a technical school, training people to apply their welding skills in industries such as shipbuilding, aerospace, and automobile manufacturing.

You should definitely love teaching first and foremost. After all, you aren’t actually out in the manual labor world working as a Welder. You’re a Teacher, and you should have sufficient abilities in instructing others. It’s possible, though, for you to work as a Welder during the summer, when you’re off from school.

Teaching others, especially high school-age students, how to weld metal involves a lot of patience and safety practices. Can you imagine a classroom of 20 or more students all handling blowtorches? That’s enough to make any Instructor anxious!

Your day revolves around setting up your classroom or workshop, making sure that all of the tools are in their proper stations, that they’re clean and working properly, and that students have all of their necessary materials. Once class begins, you give a lesson and project for the day, demonstrate the correct techniques, and then go around to help individual students with their welding. You may also, on occasion, administer tests and quizzes, both written and hands-on.