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Welding Engineer

Develop new welding techniques, processes and procedures.

What does a Welding Engineer do?

A Welding Engineer is a trained Welder who has an additional background in math and science. The job of a Welding Engineer is to develop procedures for the Welder to follow. If you’re a Welding Engineer, you work on industrial projects, and are usually employed by shipyards, airplane and car manufacturers, or construction companies.

Welding is the process of permanently fusing two pieces of metal together through techniques that turn the edges into a stream of hot metal. You use arc, gas, or resistance welding techniques, depending on the project. The welding process often requires great precision, such as when you work from a blueprint. The pieces you and your staff weld must fit perfectly with the other pieces on the ship, plane, car, or building.

Although you are well trained as a Welder, your real job is to train other Welders on new techniques, processes, or changes in design. You evaluate the process, supervise the Welders on the project, and tweak the process when necessary in order to make improvements.

You have an acute understanding of all types of metal and the effect of heat on them. In addition, you are an Engineer, so, by definition, you are a problem-solver. That means you have analytical skills, an ability to work with a variety of people, are self-motivated, and enjoy coming up with creative solutions. You also keep up to date with new materials, tools, and processes by attending seminars and reading trade magazines and journals.