Welding Automation Technician

Supervise and load materials into computerized welding robots.

What does a Welding Automation Technician do?

Just like a Production Line Technician or a Crystal Growth Technician, Welding Automation Technicians spend their days overseeing and managing the work of a machine. A Welding Automation Technician keeps things moving smoothly, troubleshooting problems when they arise and supplying the welder with the necessary materials.

Automated welding machines come in two varieties: semi- and fully automatic. With a semi-automatic machine, you have a fairly hands-on role as Welding Automation Technician. You load the pieces that need to be connected, tell the machine where it needs to weld, and then remove the finished product at the end.

With a fully automated machine, you pretty much aren’t needed unless something goes wrong. Why use machines over people? Machines can guarantee consistent quality at a faster speed.

Though you do need to know welding, specifically robotic welding, you need to know a lot more about technology than you might initially think. The reason behind this is that when a problem comes up, you need to be able to fix the computer parts that control the welder, and fast. You do things like performing routine maintenance in hopes of avoiding bigger problems, ordering parts, and keeping an eye on quality. You make sure the machine turns out the correct number of parts, and coordinate with management if something goes wrong.

In addition to machines, you work with other Technicians in manufacturing plants and factories. The things you make can range from batteries to airbag parts to even bigger pieces like entire cars.