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Welder Fitter

Assemble metal pieces and weld them together according to instructions.

What does a Welder Fitter do?

A Welder Fitter is a skilled tradesman who interprets blueprints and uses drawings to cut, fit, assemble, and weld materials together (most often brass, steel, aluminum, plastic, or polymer.) With their trusty blowtorch or other heating elements, Welder Fitters melt and fuse different materials together to form permanent bonds strong enough for aerospace applications, shipbuilding, and car repair.

Much of your work as a Welder Fitter falls within the construction or manufacturing sector. You assemble structural forms such as machinery frames, pressure vessels, tanks, and buildings in ways that meet state code requirements. Welders are also in charge of joining beams, bridges, and most of the pipe work in power plants and refineries. While you’ll glean technical knowledge about how and which materials can be joined, those with good motor skills and attention to detail will truly excel in this field.

This is a real hands-on profession. You perform manual welding, which means your work is controlled entirely by your own power, or semiautomatic welding, where you use machinery. You often set up equipment in various positions-flat, vertical, horizontal, and overhead-and have to learn extensively about various types of welding (there are about 100 different types).

With hard work, you’ll probably find yourself working on shipyards, mines, and construction sites-both indoors and outdoors-each of which has dangers unique to it. Because of this, safety goggles-not business suits-will be part of your daily attire.