Welder Fabricator

Make hand-tools, steel beams, and fittings from nothing but sheet metal.

What does a Welder Fabricator do?

Welding fabrication is a field with tangible results. What begins as a plan and a pile of sheet metal ends as a bridge, crane, car, ship, toy, or any other products made from steel. That transition is nothing less than amazing, and a Welding Fabricator has the skills, knowledge, and passion to make it happen.

A Welder Fabricator’s process starts with nothing more than a blueprint, sketch, computer-generated design, or schematic for the desired project. It’s your job as a Welder Fabricator to comprehend every detail of the plan. With the design features in your mind and in front of you, you lay out the pieces of steel, and cut each piece to a specific size and shape.

Mistakes can be costly in terms of time, materials, and labor, so precision is your middle name. Once the pieces are cut, you use a variety of welding techniques to weld them together in the correct order.

Being a Welder Fabricator requires attention to detail, an understanding of how to convert a diagram into a working three-dimensional model, and knowledge of a variety of welding techniques. In addition, the job calls for creativity and the ability to work in a hot, loud, factory setting. If this describes you, you could be the Welding Fabricator responsible for the water tank in the subdivision down the street, the blades on farming equipment, the shafts for heavy machinery, or even the structural supports on the new football stadium.