Weld Inspector I

Inspect and test welded joints of work in progress and of completed units.

What does a Weld Inspector I do?

Inspects and tests welded joints of work in progress and of completed units for visible defects, correct dimensions, joint strength, bead formation, weld penetration, and conformance with layout, blueprint, and work order specifications, applying knowledge of welding principles and metallurgical properties: Examines joint to detect flaws, such as cracks, cold weld, spatter, and undercuts, using flashlight and magnifying glass. Inspects joints for hidden cracks and pits, using magnaflux machine and ultrasonic testing equipment. Performs stress tests on joint, using stress testing equipment, or prepares sample for stress testing, and reviews results. Verifies alignment and dimensions of product and setup of machines and fixtures used for work in progress. Observes techniques and performance of welders in shop or at construction site. Marks defective pieces and recommends scrapping or methods for reworking. Records inspection data. Analyzes x-ray photographs of welded joints. May weld, test, and inspect metal samples to determine most effective welding process and technique and be designated Performance-Test Inspector.