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Weight Loss Consultant

Create diet plans for clients, and motivate their slim down process.

What does a Weight Loss Consultant do?

Weights loss is a hot topic and yet one most people know little about. Everyone could use a little push to live a healthier, active lifestyle and that’s where you come in as a Weight Loss Consultant. Your clients need a diet and exercise plan to fit into their busy schedules. People also need motivation and support to keep them from giving up on their diet program. You double as a personal planner and Cheerleader all rolled into one.

On a typical morning you’ll meet with your clients to check their progress and help them choose new goals to work toward. Weight Loss Consultants can work independently but often are part of a larger company. You’ll create meal plans and exercise routines to sell along with your services to new clients, and may receive higher pay when you sell more. Finally, you’ll lend a listening ear when your clients have problems or need a little pep talk to stay on track.

What really makes a great Weight Loss Consultant isn’t their knowledge of nutrition or their planning skills. It’s your drive to help people and the ability to understand what makes them tick. When you really get a feel for what rewards motivate your clients, you raise their chances of success. And as an added bonus, all that working out will keep your own body in tip-top shape for years to come.