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Weigher and Grader

Weigh and examine barrels of oleoresin.

What does a Weigher and Grader do?

Weighs and examines barrels of oleoresin prior to distillation into turpentine and rosin and grades rosin prior to storage: Reads scale to obtain gross weight of barrel of oleoresin. Examines and feels oleoresin to determine color, cleanliness, water content, and age, and estimates turpentine and rosin content and rosin grade that can be produced. Records estimate and weight of barrel on incoming record sheet. Observes distillation process and directs DISTILLER II to stop operation of melter or still whenever temporary shortages of oleoresin occur. Draws rosin sample from still and grades sample according to U.S. Government specifications. Records grade and barrel number on grade record form. Directs or assists DECKHAND to push barrels of oleoresin or rosin to and from scales, storage area, and distilling equipment, and to dump barrels of oleoresin into hopper of melter.