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Weigher and Crusher

Weigh and crush zinc ore and other materials.

What does a Weigher and Crusher do?

Weighs and crushes zinc ore and other materials, using platform scale, crusher, and handtools: Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to lower loaded bucket of zinc ore onto platform scale. Balances scale beam. Records weight of materials and signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR to dump them into crusher. Starts vibrating screens that crush ore and separate it according to size. Shovels unscreened ore back into crusher. Scoops samples of ore from conveyor belt for laboratory analysis. Opens bin gate to fill bucket with sintered ore. Levels ore in bucket, using bar and shovel. Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR to remove filled bucket and to replace it with empty one. Moves empty or filled buckets on cars about yard and plant, using power-driven winch.