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Wedding Planner



Take the task of organizing an entire wedding out of the bride's hands.

What does a Wedding Planner do?

Once upon a time there was a princess. Kind, beautiful, and liked by everyone, she grew up dreaming of a handsome prince who’d one day take her hand in marriage. When she finally found him, the entire village rejoiced—and then promptly ran away in fear as the bride became a beast, feeding on cake samples and florists like a werewolf feasting on flesh.

For a wedding planner, it’s more than a cautionary tale. It’s a day at the office. Your job is keeping brides cool and calm by helping them plan the most important day of their life: their wedding day.

Equal parts facilitator, mediator and money manager—not to mention dreamweaver, sounding board, and maybe even punching bag—you work as a wedding planner on behalf of the bride and groom to find a venue, hire a caterer, order flowers, select a band, choose a photographer and whatever else is asked of you, from consulting on the wedding dress to coordinating showers, rehearsal dinners, religious ceremonies and even honeymoons.

That’s the easy part. The hard part: Doing everything the couple wants without going over budget, which requires you to be not only a fabulous party planner, but also a fierce negotiator. Still can’t talk down the caterer? No problem: Because you hold the key to her cage, you can always unleash Bridezilla.

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