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Wedding Dress Consultant

Help brides-to-be find a wedding dress to fit their body and personality.

What does a Wedding Dress Consultant do?

“That dress doesn’t make you look fat,” is your common reassurance if you’re a Wedding Dress Consultant. Working for yourself as a private Consultant, or at a retail store as a Salesperson, as a Wedding Dress Consultant you help women of all shapes and sizes pick the most flattering dress for their figures.

What’s an average day like?

The bride-to-be stumbles into your shop, takes one look at the wall-to-wall collection of dresses, and starts to hyperventilate. That’s when you step in to act as her Tour Guide to the wonderful, yet endless, world of wedding gowns.

Choosing the right dress involves more than scrutinizing how it looks when the bride tries it on. It should make her feel like a princess, and still let her walk down the aisle without tripping over the skirt. Each dress has its own personality, and the trick to a successful sale is pairing it with its matching bride.

Your work goes beyond picking out the dress, however. Once you, the bride, and her mother have all agreed on a gown, it’s time for the fitting. By taking exact measurements and listening to the bride’s suggestions, you can arrange for your Seamstress to snip, sew, and tuck until the dress silhouettes the bride perfectly. Your patience and fashion sense can turn any Bridezilla into a satisfied — and much less tense — customer.

Why does this job matter?

You help brides choose what’s probably the most memorable aspect of their big day: their wedding dress. It’s up to you to make sure each bride-to-be has a great (stress free!) experience.