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Wedding Designer



Come up with creative concepts for weddings.

What does a Wedding Designer do?

In an orchestrated wedding, all elements seem to weave together flawlessly. The colors are complementary and repeated in the cake, the dresses, the flowers, and the reception decor. The lighting is soft and glowing. And the backdrops seem perfectly matched to the couple’s style.

These beautiful elements come about through the hard work of a Wedding Designer.

As a Wedding Designer, you’re involved in creating a specific look and feel for a wedding. However, it’s not the job of the Wedding Designer to put these plans into action. Instead, Wedding Planners hire the team, and Wedding Coordinators prod the wedding party on the big day.

At the beginning of the project, you meet with the couple and discuss their likes and dislikes. Together, you determine the colors to be used in the wedding, and you look for specific themes to highlight. Perhaps the couple met in Paris, or perhaps they’re Farmers who fell in love in a potato field. Themes like this make your plans easier.

As your ideas take shape, you contact Florists, Seamstresse, Bakers, and Photographers and ask for samples of their work. Ideally, they’ll provide products that look just like the designs you have in your head. Otherwise, you ask them to make mockups that you can use.

At the end of your work, you hand your couple a large binder full of photographs, color swatches, vendor names, and prices. This master document forms the backbone of the wedding, and you keep a copy for yourself in case the Wedding Planner and Wedding Coordinator have questions down the line.

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