Wedding Coordinator

Make sure weddings go off without a hitch.

What does a Wedding Coordinator do?

Weddings often seem relaxed. However, underneath the veneer of peace sits a steely frame of a schedule. The bride and groom must hustle from place to place on their wedding day, and one minor slip could have a cascading effect. They’re often much too nervous to handle this alone, so they hire Wedding Coordinators to help.

Wedding Designers craft the look and feel of the wedding, and Wedding Planners hire staff and rent venues. The job of the Wedding Coordinator is to make these plans a reality.

When you’re a Wedding Coordinator, your work begins just before the rehearsal. This practice session lets you reiterate when each step will take place and help the wedding party understand their roles. In some cases, the schedule is unrealistic, and you modify it and distribute new copies.

On wedding day, a team of Photographers, Caterers, and Videographers arrive, and you show them where to set up. Touching up decorations, taping down gift cards, handing out flowers, and directing lost wedding guests may also require your time and attention.

As the bride and groom get dressed, you make sure they’re adhering to the schedule and not suffering acute nervous attacks. Handing out tissues, repairing small tears in clothing, blotting spilled wine, and touching up makeup may all be part of your duties.

After the ceremony, you hustle the group to their photographs, and then you prod them into the reception hall. As the reception progresses, you make sure the couple eats, poses for photographs, and participates in ritual dancing. When the party is over, you make sure the gifts are collected and the space is cleaned.