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Monitor and update websites.

What does a Webmaster do?

A Webmaster oversees a created website: As a Webmaster, you monitor its traffic, ensure it is properly maintained, and fix problems as they arise. Occasionally you may help with the technical creation of a website’s content, but for the most part your responsibility is arranging the site so customers can clearly and quickly understand a company’s message. In the production line of web development, then, you pick up where a Web Designer leaves off.

A typical day in the position of Webmaster might find you updating information on the website, ensuring web links work correctly and images load properly, regulating and managing access rights of users, and creating firewalls and other protections to ensure only those with the correct credentials have complete access to a site’s information.

In the bigger picture, these tasks add up to ensuring a company’s hardware, web server and software are working correctly: You are the one revising web pages, keeping tabs on site traffic, replying to user comments and generally keep the website working up to its fullest potential.

This all requires you to spend a large part of your day surfing the web in order to make sure you are up on the latest in technical standards, and finding new information and links to connect with your client’s website.

Though this is a predominately technical career, good communication skills and the ability to work well with others are helpful because you often work directly with clients, and must answer technical questions no one else understands.

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