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Web Producer



Generate website content that paints an accurate picture of the company.

What does a Web Producer do?

Web Producers are responsible for what you see when you open a website, meaning that they ensure that the content of a website is optimized for a user experience. Web Producers are in charge of arranging, editing, and many times even creating content for websites.

Web content can come in many forms, including music, video, flash, and print. Sometimes, as a Web Producer, you’ll specialize just in one of these areas, while other times you act more as a generalist. Whichever way you choose, your tasks go far beyond slapping up a chunk of text on a screen: You are in charge of styling the content to create the voice and character of a site.

Think about it this way-when you walk into a store, there is a certain kind of music playing, carefully chosen artwork on the walls, and a distinct style/brand of the merchandise. A website is like a virtual store, and the music, artwork, and merchandise display are all types content.

It is your job to channel that content into a coherent, unique style that is true to the site’s brand. Doing so draws upon skills found traditionally in several different fields. Not only will you be making the editorial decisions of what content is in your site’s , you’ll also be evaluating the aesthetics of how to display that content, then using your tech skills to put it up.

This job has some tough deadlines-websites never sleep, and there will be nights when you won’t either. However, job satisfaction is high and due to the increased dependence by society on the web- there is no lack of job and freelance opportunities.

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