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Web Press Operator

Make ready and operate multiunit, web-fed rotary presses.

What does a Web Press Operator do?

Makes ready and operates multiunit, web-fed rotary press to print newspapers, books, and periodicals according to written specifications: Locks printing plates on printing cylinder and threads loose end of paper supply roll through and around rollers to cutter and folder. Adjusts compensators to guide paper over rollers and cylinders. Inspects printed sheets visually after registration or position printing and readjusts guides and controls to rectify spacing errors. Adjusts feed controls to rotate cylinder into position where plate locking mechanism is accessible. Unlocks plates and replaces with make-over plates according to directions marked on plate regarding location and time of printing. Rethreads paper through press if web breaks and readjusts tension rollers. Operates pasting device to splice end of new paper roll to depleted roll. Inspects printed material visually during production and readjusts controls to correct irregular ink distribution, faulty cuts or folds. Replaces cutting blades, worn or damaged ink rolls, and fills ink wells. Cleans, inspects, and lubricates moving parts of press. May supervise and instruct apprentices. May load supply rolls of paper in press at beginning and during run. May be designated Tension Regulator when installing paper rolls in press and adjusting controls to regulate tension of paper; or Color-Control Operator when adjusting ink controls to secure specified color registration. May operate press from central control console.